Scheduling an appointment

At our centre, scheduling ENT Specialty Care has become simpler than ever before. Our personalised Specialty Care provides patients with the resources they need to keep your health on track. You can either call us, whatsapp us, sms us at +6583825000 or email us at

Referral form to us

If your insurances requires a referral form to us- you may print this out for your referring doctor to fill.

PDPA forms and patient biodata forms

You may wish to save time by prefilling these forms before your first consultation.

Please also bring along

# Referral letter from your family doctor, doctor or other healthcare professional

# Insurance information if you have insurance

# Any scans, MRIs, test results, medical reports and any other relevant information etc

Our team is here to guide our patients and their families every step of the way.


SMS /WHATSAPP US AT +6583825000

Or CALL US AT +6568870800


FOR AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES PLEASE CALL +6565358833 or visit the Emergency Unit at Gleneagles Hospital








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