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Preparing for Surgery

Before the Surgery

If you and Dr Adrian have decided that surgery is the best option going forwards, we want you to best prepare yourself so as to achieve the best outcome. It is important that you understand the procedure/s so that you can prepare yourself psychologically and physically to get the best result. If you are unsure about anything regarding the surgery- please contact the clinic/doctor to clarify whatever concerns or questions you have.


Getting the best result requires you working with your doctor. YOU HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY.


If not already done, it is important that your doctors are aware of your other medical diagnoses or medications which you are on. Please notify Dr Adrian of all medications and also ask the doctor prescribing these medications if you can stop it before the surgery.


This is especially important If you are taking any blood-thinning medication such as aspirin, Plavix or even gingko biloba; the doctor prescribing the medication must be comfortable with you being off the medication during the period of your surgery and the post-operative period. You would normally have to be off the medication for at least 5 days prior to the surgery and depending on the surgery done for a short period after the surgery.

If you have reacted to any form of anaesthesia or have a family history of issues with anaesthesia, YOU NEED TO INFORM THE ANAESTHETIST and also us before the surgery.

It is also best that you stop smoking so as to reduce risks and hasten recovery.


If you do develop an infection just before the surgery, please notify the clinic immediately.

Please note that it is also your responsibility to get approval from your insurer before the surgery if you are using health insurance. We unfortunately are not privy to the details of your insurance policy. We hence do not know whether there are any exclusions or if you have to pay any deductibles or are on a co-pay scheme. We will help you with a letter for your insurance company detailing the surgery and the costs etc. which you can submit to your insurance company.


Day of the Surgery

If you are undergoing surgery under general anaesthesia, you will be informed as to how long you need to fast before the surgery- this is done in consultation with the anaesthetist and by default normally you would need to fast(NO FOOD OR DRINK) for at least 8 hours. If you take anti-hypertensive, thyroid, epilepy medications, please take them with a sip of water as early as possible on the day of surgery.


You will also be informed as to what time you need to reach the hospital on the day surgery centre. Please bring along all your medications, your admission forms, scans etc.


You will be reviewed by the Anaesthetist before the surgery. Please let the Anaesthetist know of all your medical diagnoses, medications, family history and previous surgical history.  

After the Surgery

After surgery, it is quite normal for you to feel a bit drowsy or nausea. This usually settles down quite quickly. If it is persistent, please let the staff know so that we can give you the appropriate medication. Depending on the type of surgery, there will be different levels of pain- do not suffer in silence; if you feel pain please let the staff know. Take your medications as prescribed. Pain medication may take time to work so please take this medication as directed even if there is not much pain.  


it is important that you organize for someone to pick you from the hospital and to be with you overnight. You will not be able to drive for at least 24 hours after the surgery. Try not to eat or drink anything on the car ride home as this may cause the nausea to worsen. It is important that you rest so don’t engage in any vigorous activities, operate machinery, take alcohol etc.


If there is severe pain, persistent bleeding, any unusual symptoms, persistent dizziness, nausea, vomiting, please inform the staff at +6565358833. If you are unable to reach the staff, please contact or visit Mount Elizabeth Orchard  Hospital Accident & Emergency Department as soon as possible

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